Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Been awhile.

I hate blogs. So many steps for a simple update.

Anyway. Wylie has been on "solid" foods (well, pureed) for about a month now.

He's also enjoying the Southern California weather.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Beamer

I few people out there were wondering how I get around out here without the pickup. This is my primary transportation to and from school. But, soon that will change; in order tog et Wylie and I back and forth to school/child care, I'll be walking the 2 miles with Wylie strapped to my chest.

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Friday, December 29, 2006

More baby pics

More Wylie baby pics. All within his first week, many within his first day. Please note the "California Surfin' Santa." Here in L.A., they even have "hot" Santas that work the mall at nights to attract young women shoppers.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

It's a BOY!

Big news, a few weeks late.

Wylie Francis Poist

Born: December 6, 2006

Sorry for the lack of blog posts the last couple of months, but school kept me busy. Now that I have figured out how to use Picasa to blog my photos, I'll be uploading more often.

Also, my hard-drive came to a hard, grinding death sometime during the two days I was at the hospital for Wylie's birth, I'm still rebuilding my system.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Probably the most requested pics right now.

Coming late Fall 2006.

Baby Poist.

The profile, the left edge of the pic is right around the waist, head in the center.

From the front, once again the waist is around the left edge.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Eli's blog also updating

Some of our San Simeon pics and other updates can be seen/read in Eli's lastest couple blog entries...

Eli's Albemarle Sound

First thoughts on school

I'll start pulling lots more pics from our digital cameras tomorrow night. Including our trips to San Simeon, the Dallas Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, a Tofu festival, a Salsa festival, etc.

I'm now three weeks into school at USC (local venacular is just S..C), and I am really impressed, very excited, and working around the clock. The school of Cinema-Television takes their #1 ranking serioously, you start working on projects right away. Practice, practice, practice timing, and experiment withj lots of new techniques. They throw everything at you as fast as possible so you get a general overview of as many processes as possible. I worked with zoetropes, flipbooks, camera-less film anaimation on both clear and black film leader, been introduced the new generation of line test equipment and working a couple fo times on the downshooter, the old-style Oxberry film camera setup used in the cel animation days. Everything is analog for the first year, the emphasis is on learning all the old ways and getting a feel for timing, so no matter what you use to animate with (from cutout papaer to high-end 3D programs), you know how to move the piece just right for each frame.

You can't escape the heritage of USC Cinema, it is an industry town and the industry gives a lot back to SC. Today, Eli and I attended an endowment ceremony to in honor of the late John C. Hench, a former Disney pioneer -- not only in animation, but in theme-park design.
Hench adopted the Department of Animation and Digital Art (DADA) as a pet project and heavily finanaced much of its growth. Roy E. Disney, himself introduced the film "Destino," which Hench co-designed with Salvidore Dali (Roy wore a tie, which - I was assured - meant this was a big deal to him). The ceremony did a lot to remind me that the success of the school has create opportunities for me that seem endless. I think of Edgar Endress, my professor back at GMU, who had to learn filmmaking in Chile by watching movies, because they couldn't afford film and cameras; here, with a slip of paper, I can get a 16mm camera, a 35 mm camera, a 3D camera, probably even an IMAX camera and use it along with an industry-level green-screen or motion capture device. I'm pumped, at have all the cool Hollywood toys at my disposal for the next three years.

I look forward to having great professors to push me and drive me to create festival winning pieces.

Oh, and every Wednesday is seminar at DADA, where an industry heavy comes and presents to us students...Dinsye creatives, Cartoon Network programmers, the creator of Spongebob, etc.

Wow, 6 weeks go by in a flash!

Okay, so I am still sluggish on updates, I gonna pound out several as quick as possible, mostly pics, starting with more of the house that Eli took before I arrived with the furniture.

In no particualar order...

The Front bedroom, note the original leaded glass Craftman windows.

The middle bedroom, no pics of the master bedroom, Eli hadn't taken any...

The living room (foreground) and dining room. THis is a room that hasn't been restored to Craftsman design, which would've featured glass display cases that seperated the two rooms.

Backyard, note the razor-wire to keep the Catholic schoolkids from escaping.

Living Room fireplace and built-in bookcases.

Another backyard shot, including the back of the house. THrough the top windows is my office space.

A couple of shots of the huge kitchen, the antique stove and kitchen space was a huge selling point for us.

A breakfast nook off of the Kitchen...

THe bathroom, a large clawfoot tub is hidden behing the palm-leaf shower curtain.

Dog Holliday arrives in California...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sorry for the wait: first update from California

Well, it is August 1st and Eli and I are settling into our house on the West Coast. Eli has been here since mid-June, since she had to rush into the start of her new job, while I settled things in Virginia. I sold both of our motorcycles (to be replaced out here) and my pickup; and, with great help from family and friends, the old house got packed up. My dad and I drove a large Penske truck cross-coutnry from July 10-13th (4 days, we made good time) and got it unloaded and return in the evening of our arrival.

There are lots of pics to share, which will come over the next few days, but I wanted to get this outdate posted, we have been so busy packing, moving unpacking and setting up house (and waiting for DSL) that I fear people may have given up on the blog.